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Business Advertisers

Permanent Business advertisements in the form of a static or rotating banner ads, in several sizes and locations are available on this website.

Business or Product advertising banners may be placed in the Following locations:

Left Column of the Site
Right Column of the site
Above content - Main site panel
Below content - Main site panel

Banners may be placed in these locations in any of the category or sub-category pages.

Example of a Category page is: Autos which includes several sub-categories (cars,vans,motorcycles,etc).

Example of a Sub-category page is: Cars which shows all the freeads for cars.

Please click the links below to see images of how your advertising banners could look:

Category Page Banners

 Sub-category Page Banners

Left column banner / Category page: Here

Right column banner / Category page: Here

Banner top / Category page: Here

Banner bottom / Category page: Here

All banner positions - Category page: Here

Left column banner / Sub-Category page: Here

Right column banner / Sub-Category page: Here

Banner top / Sub-Category page: Here

Banner bottom / Sub-Category page: Here

All Banner positions - Sub-Category page: Here

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